Chief Editor and Kickpuncher of Formulaic Fiction Kerfuffle -- CT McNeely is a writer and blogger who lives in Arkansas with his wonderful wife who actually is The Greatest Ever and their amazing children. His fiction has been published in Nebo: A Literary Journal and he has written about cult movies for Monster! and Weng's Chop. He really really likes weird westerns and noir. Think about that. He's Chief Editor. THINK ABOUT THAT.

Editor and She Who Suffers No Fools -- Emily McNeely actually is The Greatest Ever. She lives in Arkansas where she goes around being awesome at things. She is a world-class musician and is writing a fantasy novel. She raises children to be awesome like her and her husband tries to keep up.

Editor and Eldritch Feaster Upon The Ensorcelled Pile of Slush  -- Steve Gallagher is a writer and playwright whose fiction has appeared in The Aries Anthology, Broad River Review, and Blue Moon, among others. His plays have had performances in Raleigh-Durham, Milwaukee, Boston, and New York City. He currently  lives in the wilds of North Carolina with two chickens, two cats, one dog, and one wife.

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